We are pioneering geothermal energy — clean, naturally occurring, sustainable energy from the rock deep underground.

Eden Geothermal Ltd has been set up by three partners: Eden Project, EGS Energy Ltd, and Bestec (UK) Ltd to unlock the geothermal energy deep in the granite beneath Cornwall. Eden Geothermal has funding of £9.9m from the European Regional Development Fund, alongside £1.4m from Cornwall Council and £5.5m from institutional investors to drill a 4.5km deep well at the Eden Project, and heat its famous Biomes, greenhouses and offices.

This is the first phase of a two well development. It will pave the way for the second phase: another 4.5km well and an electricity plant.

Find out here who we are, what we do and how geothermal can help with our energy needs both now and into the future.


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‘Drilling break’ a positive sign for project
Last week we encountered a ‘drilling break’ at 3949m. This is a great sign for the future of our project – the increased ROP (rate of penetration) and losses of drilling muds into the formation are indicators of a zone of natural fracturing and permeability in the rock. Heat and permeability are the prerequisites …