Geothermal energy

In places that experience volcanic or tectonic activity, the earth’s heat is close to the surface, and people have used it for tens of thousands of years. Ancient cultures settled near hot springs and used geothermal heat for bathing, cooking and heating.  And geothermal heat was first used to drive a turbine and generate electricity in Italy, nearly 120 years ago.  

Now, geothermal electricity is generated commercially in 25 countries, including the USA, Indonesia, Germany, Kenya and Iceland. A further 82 countries use geothermal heat directly – for heating buildings, agriculture, horticulture, fish farming, industry and leisure facilities.  

There’s enormous potential to go further. Find out more and learn about the benefits of geothermal energy below.

Find out more about geothermal energy

Why geothermal energy?

Find out what’s so great about geothermal energy and why we’re embracing this resource as part of the future of energy production in the UK.

Worldwide potential of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is aready being harnessed around the world, but we have barely scraped the surface. Find out about the worldwide potential of geothermal energy.

Geothermal potential in the UK and Cornwall

It is thought that geothermal energy could provide 20% of the UK’s electricity needs – plus a vast amount of heat. Find out more about the potential of geothermal in the UK and Cornwall.