We’ve drilled past 1000m

Today (at 14.24, to be precise) EG-1 reached 1000m MD (measured depth).

So we’re as deep as the ‘Queen of Cornish mines’, Dolcoath, near Camborne. At 550 fathoms (3300 feet or 1005m), the Williams shaft was reputedly the deepest mine in the world for a time, and is still the deepest in Cornwall. The shaft was 17ft wide – compared to the 17 ½ inch diameter of the current section of our geothermal well – and took 15 years to complete. We’re aiming to get to 4,500m in around 5 months.

This little 4mm cutting, from 920m MD within EG-1, our first geothermal well, contains a fragment of chalcopyrite, a copper sulphide and key ore mineral in Cornwall. It’s one that would be familiar to those Dolcoath miners.