European Geothermal Energy Council outlines strong sector progress in 2021

The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) has produced its annual Market Report, outlining the development of the European geothermal industry over the previous 12 months.

EGEC said that the industry had emerged stronger from the pandemic, and noted some of the following sector highlights:

  • The heating and cooling sector had accounted for more than half of the new projects commissioned.
  • 14 new geothermal district heating and cooling systems had been commissioned: France and the Netherlands had commissioned 3 each, with the remaining new capacity in Germany, Finland, Poland and Switzerland. The first geothermal district cooling project had been commissioned in Finland.
  • Exploration had begun for high-temperature resources to supply a paper manufacturing facility in the Netherlands, in the first example of industrial manufacturing turning to geothermal to meet its process heat needs.
  • 6 new geothermal electricity plants had been installed, bringing total installed capacity to 3.4 GWe, with 19 TWh produced.
  • There had also been record increases in sales of geothermal heat pumps in Europe.

Summarising, EGEC Secretary General Philippe Dumas said that 2021 had shown geothermal to be a reliable, cost-effective and ‘go-to’ solution for local authorities, industry, households and commercial buildings, but added that:

“Now it is important for regulators to give it the same recognition and support as other technologies to ensure energy independence and climate security before 2030.”