Environment Minister visits Eden’s ground-breaking Hot Rocks project and tours Biomes

At the geothermal drilling rig, from left to right: EGL Executive Director Augusta Grand; EGL Drilling Supervisor Peter Mulholland; Environment Minister Rebecca Pow; the Minister’s Private Secretary Lily Ginsberg-Keig and Chairman of EGL Richard Day.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow has made a special visit to the Eden Project to see first-hand the pioneering Eden Geothermal energy project and then tour the world-famous Biomes with Co-Founder Sir Tim Smit.  

Drilling of the first well by Eden Geothermal Ltd began in the middle of May and is making great progress, now reaching a depth of 1,200 metres, about a quarter of the total depth. 

At the geothermal site the Minister was hosted by Richard Day, Chairman of Eden Geothermal Ltd (EGL), and Augusta Grand, EGL’s Executive Director. 

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said: “The Eden Project is a shining example of the action being taken to create alternative heating sources and to pioneer sustainable ways of reaching Net Zero. 

“I was delighted to see the geothermal project and hear about its potential as a renewable energy source. We must all take action – however small to tackle climate change and restore nature, the Eden Project is focusing on these issues and I look forward to seeing how their work continues.” 

On behalf of EGL, Richard Day said: “We were pleased to welcome the Minister to our site in Cornwall, where we are working with the Eden Project to help them attain their Net Zero targets.  

 “We are committed to sustainable development, helping address climate change by generating clean renewable heat and power from the abundant levels of geothermal resource beneath our feet for the benefit of local businesses and the community.”