Drilling reaches 3755m

We’ve now drilled to 3755m MD so are approaching the end of the 12¼“ section of EG-1. At 4000m, we’ll be tripping out of the hole to run and cement casing (in other words to line this section), before embarking on the final section of the well, and the last part of our journey towards our target, the Great Crosscourse. You can find more information about the well at Drilling and operations – Eden Geothermal.

Our wellsite geology team from GeoScience Limited have chosen this sample for this week’s #geologyateden update.

It comes from 3280m MD and shows a radial inclusion within a grain of muscovite mica. We’ll be carrying out further lab analysis to confirm its composition. These small pieces were incorporated during the formation of the St Austell granite around 281-282 million years ago (Simons et al., 2016).