‘Drilling break’ a positive sign for project

Last week we encountered a ‘drilling break’ at 3949m. This is a great sign for the future of our project – the increased ROP (rate of penetration) and losses of drilling muds into the formation are indicators of a zone of natural fracturing and permeability in the rock. Heat and permeability are the prerequisites for a two-well system which would enable us to capture enough geothermal energy not just to heat Eden, but to supply additional heat and electricity as well.

We’ve still a little way to go before we reach our target, but encountering this drilling break now is in line with our geologists’ predictions, and is a really positive sign that we’ll find the hoped-for permeability in the target zone.


On the track to the left, the resistivity curves show a lower number across the interval (low resistance – fluid.) The tracks on the right are orientated and show the shape of the fracture and beddings across the interval. It’s a big hole!

Because the drilling break occurred almost at the end of our 12 ¼“ well section, we’ve ‘plugged’ the well, sealing it from the surrounding fractures, prior to running casing. This is to avoid losing the casing cement into the formation. We’ll be running and cementing casing in the next few days, before embarking on the final section of the well.

Meanwhile, our hard-working rig crew from MND are coming to end of their 12-hour-day, 4-week long hitch. They’re looking forward some well-earned time at home with their families when their reliefs arrive to take over. Ahoj Priste!

Some of our drilling crew from MND – back row left to right: Luděk Malovaný, mudman; Pavel Kučera, assistant driller; Radoslav Sláma, driller; Jaroslav Kraml, 2nd assistant driller; Štěpán Antoš, derrickman. Front row left to right: Pavel Ilčík, roughneck; Lukáš Kukol, motorman