Operations update

This week we take delivery of 4,000m of vacuum insulated tubing which will create the coaxial circulation system in our first well, enabling geothermal heat to be extracted and delivered to the Eden Project to supply the Biomes and new plant nursery.

The tubing will be installed in the centre of the well and will serve as the conduit for hot water being pumped to the surface. A plate heat exchanger at the surface will extract heat from the well water and transfer it to the new heat main serving Eden Project, with the newly cooled water in the well travelling back down the annulus (outer ‘ring’ of the well) to be reheated at depth in a continuous circulation.

Installation of the coaxial system will start in January. Meanwhile, we’re developing the interfaces between the heat main and the well coaxial system on one side, and the heat loads at the Eden Energy Centre and new plant nursery on the other.

We’ll be carrying out a final series of injection tests before installing the coaxial tubing. The tests will start on Monday 21st November and will last for 5-10 days.  There is more information about injection testing on our website HERE but if you have any queries please contact us direct by Facebook message, email at info@edengeothermal.com or via our phone enquiry line on 01202 898150.