Great new ‘Fully Charged’ film about Eden Geothermal

We loved meeting Robert Llewellyn (better known to some as ‘Kryten from Red Dwarf’) when he visited Eden Geothermal to make a film for the Fully Charged clean energy channel. A great in-depth look at our project and the potential of geothermal more widely – not to mention an insider’s view of operations on the […]

Drilling of 17 1/2″ section of EG-1 completed at 1510m section TD

Another milestone reached today, as we completed drilling the 17 ½” section of EG-1 at 1510m section TD, and are now preparing to run casing. This week’s geology sample from our wellsite geologists at GeoScience Ltd comes from 1385m MD, where we encountered some interesting mineralogy, including this Jasper specimen. Usually considered as impure chalcedony, […]

Drilling update 30/06/21

This morning, drilling at EG-1, our first well beneath the Eden Project, reached 1266m MD. This week’s geology sample was taken at 1200m MD and shows a typical example of altered granite, with kaolinite and chlorite alteration. Image and analysis courtesy of our wellsite geology friends at GeoScience Limited.

We’ve drilled past 1000m

Today (at 14.24, to be precise) EG-1 reached 1000m MD (measured depth). So we’re as deep as the ‘Queen of Cornish mines’, Dolcoath, near Camborne. At 550 fathoms (3300 feet or 1005m), the Williams shaft was reputedly the deepest mine in the world for a time, and is still the deepest in Cornwall. The shaft […]

EG-1 reaches 823m MD

We continue to make sure and steady progress, and this morning (15th June) EG-1 had been drilled to 823m MD. This sample was taken from 640m MD, just as we entered an interesting zone of fracturing. It shows plenty of accessory minerals, including some stunning tourmalines and free manganese grains. Thank you to our wellsite […]

Update at 500m MD – 08/06/21

Today we’ve reached 500m MD with EG-1, our first well at the Eden Project! Pictured is a sample taken at 170m MD (measured depth) and provided by our wellsite geology friends at GeoScience Ltd. This is one of our favourites from the first well section, and stands out because of its pink/red colour. The colour […]

The rig is on its way!

23 trucks carrying the Bentec 450 rig and equipment have now left MND’s yard in the Czech Republic. We’re really excited to be receiving the first rig loads at the Eden Project on Monday, and to be welcoming the MND crew. Staff at MND and Reese (MND’s transportation company) are pictured before departure earlier today.

Groundworks complete and drilling to start soon at Eden Geothermal

After a year of intense activity, deep drilling is soon to commence at the pioneering Eden Geothermal Project near St Austell in Cornwall. Next week, the first lorries carrying a 450-tonne, 55 metre-high drilling rig will arrive on the outer edge of the Eden Project site, the home of the world-famous Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes. […]