Well testing at Eden Geothermal

We’re currently in a phase of testing our first geothermal well. Well tests provide us with essential information about the temperature and permeability of the rock in our target zone, and how water moves through the hot granite deep underground. The results of our tests will enable us to characterise the geothermal resource, and to […]

Geothermal heat main installation begins

Work has started on the installation of the new heat main that will supply Eden Project’s Biomes, greenhouses and other buildings with geothermal heat. The heat main consists of two 150mm (6”) steel pipes – a flow and return – each encapsulated in a thick layer of insulation to a total diameter of 280mm. They […]

We’re drilling our final 8 ½” section

Having successfully run and cemented casing in the 12¼” section of EG-1, we’re now into the final 8 ½” open hole section. The bits are grinding the granite to powder – as this cuttings sample from 4050m shows. Current depth is 4324m MD and we expect to intersect Great Crosscourse fault soon. The Eden Project […]

‘Drilling break’ a positive sign for project

Last week we encountered a ‘drilling break’ at 3949m. This is a great sign for the future of our project – the increased ROP (rate of penetration) and losses of drilling muds into the formation are indicators of a zone of natural fracturing and permeability in the rock. Heat and permeability are the prerequisites for […]

Drilling reaches 3755m

We’ve now drilled to 3755m MD so are approaching the end of the 12¼“ section of EG-1. At 4000m, we’ll be tripping out of the hole to run and cement casing (in other words to line this section), before embarking on the final section of the well, and the last part of our journey towards […]

Over 2 miles down!

We’ve now drilled to 3450m MD. That’s over 2 miles, a distance it’d take about 45 minutes to walk at an average pace. Or the equivalent of about 11 Shard buildings or Eiffel Towers stacked one on top of another! Our journey this week has highlighted the beauty of the micro world. These perfectly formed […]

Things are hotting up as drilling passes halfway mark

We’re now well past halfway towards our target depth of 4.5 kilometres,  and with drilling continuing at around 70 metres a day, we are optimistic we’ll reach our target depth in the next two-and-a-half months.  We have also been greatly encouraged by the temperatures being recorded as drilling goes deeper, and are confident that when […]