Phase 1 of injection testing now completed

We’ve now completed our first phase of injection testing and will be pausing to carry out further wireline logging. We’re planning some further injection and production tests at a later date and will post further information here and on social media channels when details are confirmed. There’s more information about well testing at Well testing […]

Well testing restarting

We are restarting geothermal well testing operations this morning. This follows a review of our injection testing programme after the seismicity that was felt and heard last Wednesday. We know that some people want to better understand what caused the felt seismicity last Wednesday. Microseismicity is linked to well testing during the early stages of […]

Felt seismicity – update

UPDATE AT 12:55 ON 1OTH MARCH 2022 The seismic event which occurred at approximately 9.20pm on 9th March was induced by injection testing at Eden Geothermal.  These tests have been ongoing since late January and have involved injecting fresh water into the natural fractures near the bottom of the well.  Injection testing induces low level […]

Reports of felt seismicity

We are aware that a seismic event was felt and heard in the vicinity of the Eden Geothermal site shortly after 9.20pm this evening. An investigation and analysis of seismic monitoring data have confirmed that the event was linked to testing operations at Eden Geothermal. No damage has been reported, and the event was within […]

Well testing at Eden Geothermal

We’re currently in a phase of testing our first geothermal well. Well tests provide us with essential information about the temperature and permeability of the rock in our target zone, and how water moves through the hot granite deep underground. The results of our tests will enable us to characterise the geothermal resource, and to […]

Geology helping drilling ahead

We’ve passed another milestone on our journey to the centre of the earth beneath the Eden Project – on Monday we drilled past the 2000m MD mark! As of 6am today, we’ve drilled to 2293m MD. The higher ROP (rate of penetration) achieved recently is due to the geology we’ve encountered: we’ve been able to […]

Project update 21st July 2021: faults, caves and ‘kicking off’

Casing and cementing our 17 ½“ well section went smoothly, and we’re now drilling the longest section of the well – the 12 ¼” diameter section. At 1706m MD, we “kicked off”: that is, we started drilling directionally, steering east on a trajectory designed to intersect with the Great Crosscourse fault. Now we’re in the […]

Groundworks complete and drilling to start soon at Eden Geothermal

After a year of intense activity, deep drilling is soon to commence at the pioneering Eden Geothermal Project near St Austell in Cornwall. Next week, the first lorries carrying a 450-tonne, 55 metre-high drilling rig will arrive on the outer edge of the Eden Project site, the home of the world-famous Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes. […]